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Konfidence Fly offers 400 minutes of multimedia narrations on 16 different topics from higher order topics in three areas viz., Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability.

The multimedia content is packaged in the CD given along with the book.

The book contains explanations, examples and illustrations supporting the narrative sessions. Each of the 16 topics has a set of practice questions that will help you to apply your learning.  A Windows based computer or laptop with a CD drive will be required to use the product.

The topics discussed in Fly are

  • Calendars
  • Clocks
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Cubes - Painting
  • Data Interpretation Part 1
  • Data Interpretation Part 2
  • Error Correction Advanced
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Permutations Part 1
  • Permutations Part 2
  • Combinations Part 1
  • Combinations Part 2
  • Probability
  • Syllogisms - Rule Method
  • Venn Diagrams (3 Set & Miscellaneous).
  • Verbal Analogies

Konfidence Fly is the third level engagement for the expansion of the inherent logic to a usable developed utility. It deals in higher order topics of aptitude test preparation.

Konfidence Fly is in its final stages of development and testing. It would be ready for sale in 2 months.

Meanwhile finish the basic version of logic development program Konfidence Walk, and the intermediate level Konfidence Cruise, both of which will take you to a level where you are ready to Fly with Konfidence.