Konfidence Walk, Konfidence Cruise and Konfidence Fly  together forms a  Comprehensive  Self  Learning  Tool  for  Aptitude  Test  Preparations.  If you are writing any of the competitive aptitude tests, this is one tool you should never miss.

These products are a culmination of intense research and extremely careful implementation.  The core of the product is perfectly scripted, easy to understand multimedia classes. It has supporting books that the learner should refer in order to augment the understanding of the concepts discussed in the CDs. Each chapter in the book also has a set of practice questions in order to test the learner’s understanding of the concepts. The product series offer a minimum 120 hours of learning possibilities which could be equated to 20 days of training.

A Windows based computer or laptop with a CD drive is required to use the products.

Designed and crafted based on our insights from 15,000+ hours of interaction with students, Konfidence Walk, Cruise and Fly is a unique set of products.  It has taken us about a year and a half of research to come out with this set. We have taken into consideration all the relevant aspects that will aid logic improvement and sow the seeds of good aptitude test preparation while developing this set of self learning tools. Each one of us including you and I have always wanted to understand our concepts better. Unfortunately our school system does not allow this because it is time bound. We have missed concepts in class but were left with no option to listen to those classes for a second time. It was difficult for us to approach our teachers for a repeat class for a lot of reasons. All these would have led us to forgo a lot of ideas that we could have generated. Some of those topics would have interested us and we would have done well there. But till now we were not able to do so.

Konfidence Walk, Cruise and Fly eliminate that struggle of every student. Classes are offered in pre recorded form which makes it possible to listen to those time and again to the fulfillment of the mind.

Konfidence Walk contains topics that are very basic in nature and is envisaged as a foundation for one to graduate into more complex thought processes. Sequels to Walk - Konfidence Cruise and Konfidence Fly deal in more complex logic development and thought processes.

We hope to usher in a new revolution in learning, one where the learners themselves define the learning patterns and outcomes without any restraint.